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Chapter Minutes August 19, 2017

AAJA Hawaii Chapter Meeting
Honolulu Design Center
Aug. 19, 2017
11 a.m.

Call to Order: 11:18 a.m.

Attendance: Linda Dela Cruz, Jason Ubay, Wes Nakama, Kristen Wong:

Approval of the minutes: January 2017 minutes approved with correction.

President’s Report: Check on your membership status. AAJA National is moving to a new system. The chapter members may not be accurate. Jason will follow up. Sign on to AAJA database and double check. Jason went to the general membership meeting at the convention. There are currently 1,108 members in AAJA right now. Topics included media watch, Muslim resource guide, criminal justice reporting. If you want to start an Affinity Group, you can. Convention 2018 will be in Houston in August.

Vice President’s Report:

Renewed the PO Box in July.

Renewing CD in August.

Discussion: Fundraising and recruitment. It’d be a good idea to try. San Diego won chapter of the year but had low membership and two board members but Jason wanted to pick their brains for ideas. Sept. 23 “Finding Kukan” at Pacific Aviation Museum. Tickets are available this week.

Wes suggested we invest the CD through a financial advisor. Ask Glen at National about what is appropriate.

Big question: What are we doing for the members?

Wes suggested we try to keep a radar up on events in Hawaii and let the members know.

Jason suggested a survey for the members.

Wes said at the convention there was a Story Slam. They had 20 applicants. Storytelling in a stand-up monologue presentation. They picked six stories in paper form and there was a panel of judges. Three to five minutes each. Resounding, everyone talked about it.

National Representative’s Report: No report. Jason covered main topics.

Contact at least one other person for the museum

Jason will get questions together for survey.

Jason will contact Robin Lung about Finding Kukan tickets.

Next Meeting:

Adjournment: 12:29 p.m.

Note: No meeting in February, March, April, May, June or July 2017

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