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November 27, 2016 Chapter Minutes

AAJA-Hawaii Board Meeting
Honolulu Design Center
11 a.m., November 27, 2016

Meeting started 11:14 a.m.

Attendance: Linda Dela Cruz, Wes Nakama, Jason Ubay

Approval of Minutes: October 2016 minutes reviewed and approved.

President’s Report: Jason asked board to remember to renew membership. Short discussion on 2017 board recruitment. Jennifer Kelleher of the Associated Press and Laurie Kawakami of the New York Times have attended previous board meetings and would be good candidates. Nicole Tam, a UH student who interned at KHON during summer 2016, can also be approached as a student member. Silent auction 2016. Hawaii chapter raised the most money in silent auction items. Chapter will receive a complimentary entry to the 2017 convention in Philadelphia. Jason proposed giving the entry to Linda for her work in securing auction items. Linda said she will think about it.

Treasurer’s Report: College Night recap – 16 total people attended, including board and students. Leslie Wilcox and Jason Suapaia of PBS Hawaii helped with tour. Noelle shared her AAJA Voices experience. Group saw a live broadcast of Insights on political ramifications of election; we were the first group to sit in during a live broadcast.

National Rep’s Report: No new business

Old business: 2017 30th anniversary event. Discussed that best time would be early April event on the weekend, either the 1st or 8th. It would be ideal to promote the convention, have people sign up. The event would be a fundraiser. Chapter should figure out how much it will cost per head before deciding on venue and price to charge for attendance to event. Discussed that goal is 50 people. It was tough to get 100 people to the convention. Also look at a smaller venue and not a ballroom so it can seem more like an intimate setting.

Possible venues. Jason to ask what the max capacity for each venue. What is the average price per head? When would the venue need a deposit?
Jade Dynasty. Private room for 50.
Japanese Cultural Center
Okinawan Center
Honolulu Elks Club 616
Hawaiian Food. Not that expensive?
YWCA downtown

Event should honor the founding members. Possibly with plaques. Linda will contact Sandee Oshiro and Paula Akana for availability, and we can plan around that.

Mixer for Lunar New Year: January 29, Sunday. Go smaller than other event. Mandalay, Maple Garden, Jade Dynasty, Legends, Little Village. 20 people. Guests to contribute $5, AAJA to pick up the rest.

No new business.

Next meeting. Dec. 11, 2016 at 11 a.m. at Honolulu Design Center.

Meeting ended at 12:05 p.m.

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