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December 11, 2016 Chapter Minutes

AAJA Hawaii Chapter Meeting
December 11, 2016
Honolulu Design Center

Attendance: Jason Ubay, Linda Dela Cruz, Wes Nakama, Kristen Wong

Call to Order: 11:17 a.m.

Approval of Minutes: All board members present approved the November 2016 minutes.

President’s Report: Jason reminded everyone to renew their membership.

National Representative’s Report: Wes still needs to turn in receipt for National Advisory Board meeting in March. Spokane to Vegas and one night hotel. Next advisory board meeting is definitely in Philadelphia because of hotel agreement for convention.

Old Business: 30th anniversary event early April. Linda sent an email to Sandee Oshiro and Paula Akana about availability. No response yet. Linda to call to follow up. Jason called Jade Dynasty they have a large room for 60 people, $25.80 per head. For a table of 10, it’s $250.80. Menu is diverse, reasonable prices. Deposit depends on the size of the room. Can get a refund in 30 days. If RSVP is not going well, we can ask about the smaller room. Jason called the Manoa Grand Ballroom. Their starting is $31.95 per person. Filipino Community Center charges $26 per person. $50 per person, lunch or dinner. Promoted as a fundraiser, charge $50, profit margin is $25. Jason looked into Elks’ Lodge. $20 a head but parking may be a challenge. There’s a medium room that holds up to 50 people. Wes asked if we could have the 30th Anniversary event be a membership drive in addition to the fundraiser. Should we have tickets? Eventbrite takes a portion. It may be easier than a physical ticket.

Honor the founders
We can go over chapter activities
Wes can make a speech about National activities.
We can ask Noelle to come and share her experiences.
Ask one of the founding members to talk.
Have two emcees from the news stations. Ask Yunji Di Nies.

Wes to look into getting plaques for the founders.
Leis for emcees, speakers and founders.

Regarding tickets: Look up how much each would cost. Jason to ask.

Tentative price for members: $40
Tentative price for non-members: $50

Jason to ask about an A/V system.

Half an hour for a program.
Have colleagues, friends, family come up and share anecdotes and tributes for founders.
Visuals about the founders’ history

Door prize: Must be present to win. Drop business card in a bowl. Wes suggested it pertain to AAJA.
Photo shoot with a photographer (Greg Yamamoto, Kent Nishimura)
Membership fee paid for
Dinner or lunch with a food reporter (Catherine Toth-Fox)
AAJA bags

Sell tables to TV stations (KITV)

Cover founders and spouses
Cover one or two emcees

Saturday evening event

Advertise on social media and email.
Kristen to make a flier. Flier would explain that we’re honoring the founding members.

New Business: None.

Next Meeting: January 29, 2017 Little Village Noodle Shop 11 a.m. Meeting first, then lunch. Guests contribute $5, chapter picks up the rest.

Adjournment: 12:13 p.m.


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