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AAJA Hawaii Chapter Meeting May 1, 2016

AAJA Hawaii Chapter Meeting
Honolulu Design Center
May 1, 2016
10 a.m.

Call to Order: 10:30 a.m.
Attendance: Wes Nakama, Linda Dela Cruz, Jason Ubay, Kristen Wong

Approval of the minutes: November 2015 minutes were amended and approved.

President’s Report: Jason did meet with Heidi and will try to contact other members to join. He will draft a report for the program at the convention. All officers are currently in good standing.

Vice President’s/Treasurer’s Report: Linda will be meeting with Stan to transition to treasurer duties. She also announced that we need silent auction items again for the convention. She secured an item from the Hyatt. If anyone has any ideas, please let her know. Wes mentioned that hotels are good for silent auction items, like Halekulani and Grand Wailea. College night was put back on the table. Jason said we would have to wait till next semester, possibly fall. Some of the new members are teachers. Linda said weekend, 6 p.m. newscast., or Monday, Tuesday or Friday at 9 p.m. There are other options. Jason talked to a couple of classes. It’s tough to find aspiring journalists.

No figures as Linda is transitioning with Stan.

National Representative’s Report: Wes suggested perhaps Jason ask his business contacts if they could donate items to silent auction. The spring meetings were at the convention site at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Good facility. Much smaller, the last time we had it in Vegas it was Unity, this time it was us, two community groups, Asian American and Pacific Islander groups. We had a reception to meet them. One of the guys is from Hawaii, Mark Morita. This is something different AAJA is trying, instead of partnering with the other minority groups we’re partnering with other Asian community groups. We’re going to put on workshops not only for the journalism community but also for the Asian-American community. Perhaps it is something the chapter can follow up on. I think that’s a good direction for us to take as the membership dwindles. AAJA National financials are in pretty good shape, the concern is sustainability and good return. These are pretty stable times. The new board itself has a lot of new faces. Not a lot of AAJA experience. This is Paul Cheung’s last year as AAJA president Sports Task Force is growing. The bad part for us is convention is a bad time for sports people, high school football is starting in mid-August.

Old Business: Casino Event. Regular deadline is June 26. General meeting instead of event. Possible mixer after meeting. Table for next meeting. Linda suggested emailing chapter about registering for the convention. Wes suggested looking at the chapter roster and see if there’s a spike in registration.

New Business: May 14 is the Filipino Fiesta and Parade. Possible meeting? Partnerships with other Asian-American groups.  

Next Meeting: Jason will put out a Doodle poll.

Adjournment: 11:20 a.m.


AAJA Hawaii Chapter meeting November 15, 2015

AAJA Hawaii Chapter meeting
Honolulu Design Center
November 15, 2015
11 a.m.

Attendance: Linda Dela Cruz, Wes Nakama, Kristen Wong, Jason Ubay

Call to Order: 11:24 a.m.

Approval of Minutes: The June and October 2015 minutes were approved by Linda Dela Cruz, Wes Nakama, Kristen Wong and Jason Ubay

President’s Report: Election results are in. Jason is the president. Linda is the Treasurer, Wes is the national representative, and Kristen is the secretary. Linda will meet Stan for training. Jason reminded everyone to renew their membership.

Vice President’s Report: Linda suggested we do College Night in the spring. We can promote events coming up during that time like the summer convention. Wes said in the past College night has gotten an attendance of about 12-15 students and five members. The event could potentially take place around late January or early February. Linda plans to take the lead on the project.

Casino Night ideally would take place sometime in late March or late April depending on when the early bird deadline is for the convention registration. Wes suggests not doing it too early so people forget or too late so people don’t have the money. Jason will follow up with Emily at Pacific Business News about their contacts for Casino Night. Wes said Hukilau was a good venue for the event last time.

Treasurer’s Report: The CD was renewed.

National Representative’s Report: Nothing to report.

Old Business: Jason thanked Kristen for promoting the Hawaii International Film Festival on social media. We have complimentary tickets. Jason said it was a good idea that Linda suggested that we not just focus on the Korean films, as it was originally marketed to the chapter, but to look at all the Asian and Asian American films, especially those with Hawaii ties.

New Business: Jason is meeting with Heidi Chang and a few other journalists in a few weeks. Building our membership is important. Jason has come up with questions to ask them in an effort to gauge what AAJA members are looking for in the chapter, what will get them coming back to meetings, being more involved, etc. Examples include:

How long have you been a member of AAJA?

How can AAJA help you?

What events can help you?

Can AAJA highlight you?

AAJA Hawaii awards

We’ve given stipends before for journalist who’ve won awards, who needed travel grants, etc. Send a notice that we can assist with travel. Further discussion is needed before we can make a decision on allocating board funds for awards.

Next Meeting: Dec. 12. The board plans to have the meeting at a restaurant for its traditional holiday luncheon for the chapter. Jason to take the lead on securing a restaurant. Suggestions were made, such as Little Village, Tsukiji Fish Market, Iyu Udon, Gyu-Kaku, Shokudo

Adjournment: 12:08 p.m.

Linda approved 5/1/2016

Wes approved 5/1/2016

Jason approved 5/1/2016

Kristen approved 5/1/2016


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