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AAJA Hawaii Chapter Board Meeting Minutes (7/11/15)

AAJA Hawaii Chapter Board Meeting
Ala Moana Beach Park
Magic Island concession stand
July 11, 2015

Call to Order: 9:59 a.m.

Attendance: Jason Ubay, Stan Lee, Keeopu Reelitz, Kristen Wong, Wes Nakama

Approval of minutes

President’s Report: Convention on Aug. 12. Jason has a new job at Olomana Loomis ISC. Checking with national office to see if he can continue to serve.

Vice President’s Report: No changes on the silent auction. Gridiron is scheduled in August. Linda emailed about the bentos. The coordinator said it wasn’t going to work out.

Treasurer’s Report: The CD has been renewed. Our P.O. Box is up for renewal. Our financial report is due next week, and Stan is almost done. Will email figures to Kristen.

National Representative’s Report: Wes reminded the board about the convention. The Sports Task Force that he is a part of is hosting a mentee/mentor mixer on the Thursday of the convention. Friday they will have a screening about Dr. Reggie Ho who was a kicker for St. Louis School and University of Notre Dame. He is from Hawaii, and will be there for a question and answer session. On Thursday night there’s also going to be another mixer at a club or bar in the San Francisco area. They will also go to a Giants’ game on the Wednesday of the convention.  Wes asked if Kristen can check how many Hawaii folks are going to the convention. We could encourage them to go to the screening. Jason plans to go to the Saturday presidents’ meeting from 8:30 to 4. Wes plans to go the Sunday meeting from 8:30 to 11 a.m.

Old Business: Visit Hawaii’s Plantation Village in October. Hawaii State Federal Credit Union is offering discounts for accounts for nonprofits.

New Business: Keeopu mentioned an event that is happening Thursday Oct. 14. Jason was considering having a retreat to discuss strategies for the future of AAJA Hawaii. A possible venue is the Elk’s Lodge because it’s available on the weekends. Our chapter has different needs than AAJA National. Maybe it would be good to have a meeting at the Bon Dance. Perfect timing because that’s right around elections. If we come up with any good ideas we can bring it up to AAJA National. Wes mentioned J Camp. Kristen mentioned that volunteers are needed at Shinnyo-En temple for last days of cleaning and putting away lanterns, July 12. There is also a group of journalists that gets together once a month. Wes mentioned the mixer that happens at Murphy’s hosted by HPA. When Wes moved to Florida, he was shocked to get a phone call from the president of AAJA Florida. It’s hard to go to AAJA events there because Florida is huge and a long drive to get there for some folks who weren’t in the Orlando area. Wes said it was nice that the chapter reached out, and that falls in line with our mission. It’s hard for people to move to Hawaii and adjust. We can propose that AAJA National keep up with letting us know when people are moving to Hawaii. We’ll plan for a longer meeting somewhere nearby and Jason will work on an agenda. Hour and a half or two hours for the meeting. We can market AAJA mixers/get together if AAJA members from out of town are visiting Hawaii for vacation. Stan will get the bon dance schedule.

Next meeting: TBD.

Adjournment: 10:30 a.m.

These minutes were approved at the Oct. 11, 2015 meeting by Stan Lee, Wes Nakama, Jason Ubay and Kristen Wong.

Boston Globe seeking interns

The Boston Globe runs one of the top programs in the nation, giving 11 interns the opportunity to work as reporters, or as a photographer, designer or copy editor.

The 12-week paid internship places reporter-interns in our Metro, Business, Living/Arts, Health/Science and Sports departments; the photo intern shoots stills and video for all sections, the design intern creates sections fronts and information graphics for print and online, and the copy editing intern works on local and regional, national and foreign and business copy. We provide direction and feedback, as well as a writing coach who is dedicated to the interns. Globe interns produce every day and finely polish their journalism skills over the summer.

The application deadline this year is Nov. 2. More information on the program and an application can be accessed from our website:www.bostonglobe.com/newsintern.


AAJA to revamp ELP, promote diversity in newsrooms with grant from Knight Foundation

To develop leaders in digital journalism and improve diversity in
newsrooms, AAJA will redesign its signature Executive Leadership Program
with $230,000 from the Knight Foundation.

Knight funding will allow the AAJA to begin a two-year restructuring of
the program using human-centered design, an approach that incorporates
feedback from users when developing new ideas, so participants’ needs are
built into the innovation process.

For the first time, the Asian American Journalists Association will open
the program to journalists outside of its membership to create an inclusive environment for journalists of all backgrounds.

The press release and blog post will be up on Monday Oct. 5 at 9 am ET
on AAJA and Knight’s website. I will share the link with all and please
help promote this good news among our members and your social network.


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