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April 2015 Meeting Minutes

AAJA Hawaii Chapter Meeting
April 19, 2015
Honolulu Design Center

Call to Order: 11:18 a.m.

Attendance: Stan Lee, Kristen Wong, Jason Ubay, Linda Dela Cruz, Wes Nakama
Approval of Minutes: The board approved August and November 2014 minutes as well as the March 2015 minutes.

President’s Report: To recap the networking mixer. Jason sent a note to everyone thanking them for attending the mixer. About 20 people came to the event. We spent less than $100 on food at Gordon Biersch. There were new people attending, including non-journalists. Jason pitched the early bird registration for the convention. There are 10 bags left from the past convention that we can give out.

Stacy Kaneshiro asked on the AAJA Hawaii Facebook whether or not we were going to make a statement about the March 3, 2015 article: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20150329_Mayor_Kenoi_says_he_used_county_credit_card_for_personal_expenses.html?id=297934911. The reporter mentioned “Korean” hostess bars, even though the point of the story was more about the politician’s improper use of his business credit card and it was not necessary to call them Korean bars. The board mentioned the article to AAJA national media watch committee. To our knowledge, the article was altered online to remove the word.

Judging the AAJA awards are almost done. Stan will check with the other judges on the progress.

AAJA National is asking for silent auction items again for the convention from all the chapters. Linda wanted to know if we ever receive a list that details who bought the silent auction items. Jason said no.

Vice President’s Report: Linda is looking forward to helping with any events that are coming up.

Treasurer’s Report: Stan has renewed our nonprofit status with the state of Hawaii. Fee for checking account going up. Stan will looking into switching accounts.

National Representative’s Report: Paul Cheung sent the convention numbers on the day of the early registration deadline. The goal was 300 people. We were barely past half. It was surprising considering that the San Francisco location was an attractive pull. One new feature of AAJA is there is a loyalty program. If you’ve been an AAJA member for five years or more they’ll give you $25 off for registration.

Old Business: The board is volunteering for the lantern festival May 3. Linda, Wes, Jason and Kristen are attending. Stan is a maybe.

New Business: Wes reiterated that it is difficult to come up with events throughout the year and we should still consider finding other Asian-related events to help out with in the community. Several ideas include the Korean Festival, Hawaii’s Plantation Village and Honouliuli Concentration Camp. Kristen will inquire about plantation village group rates. Wes also said we should consider putting on another student event in the fall. Linda will ask Society of Professional Journalists if there’s any opportunity for AAJA provide a service to the Gridiron event as they did in the past. For example, AAJA sold bentos at Gridiron, and proceeds went to AAJA.

Next meeting: May 17, 11 a.m., Honolulu Design Center

Adjournment: 12:13 p.m.

Sean voted to approve via email, 5/18.
Linda voted to approve via email, 5/18.
Jason voted to approve via email, 5/18.
Stan voted to approve during the meeting, 6/6.

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