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January 25, 2015 board meeting minutes

AAJA Hawaii Chapter Meeting

January 25, 2015

Honolulu Design Center

Attendance: Stan Lee, Wes Nakama, Kristen Wong

Call to Order: 11:18 a.m.

Approval of minutes: Not enough for quorum.

President’s Report: Emailed from Jason, who couldn’t attend.

– Lunar New Year Pau Hana on Thursday, Feb. 19: We discussed it at the previous meeting but did not make any solid plans other than the date. Do you have any venue suggestions? I can ask Fergusonʻs near my building, but am open to other suggestions. I think weʻd like to get a spot that is free for us to gather, but the chapter can purchase some food (budget less than $100). The purpose of the event would just be a social event.

Kristen will email Sean and Linda to see if they had a day that would be good for them to come out for a pau hana event. Stan said a pau hana event would certainly be good for people unwinding from the work day and cheaper for the chapter’s budget. Wes said we don’t necessarily have to have the Lunar New Year meeting on Lunar New Year as it tends to be busy.

Other updates:

– National org adopts bylaw changes for restructure

– SPJ internships

And Kristen, thanks for representing AAJA at the JCCH Ohana Fest!

Vice President’s Report: No report. Linda absent.

Treasurer’s Report: Stan will email current figures to Kristen. Stan turned in annual report to AAJA National. The credit union has asked the chapter to change the name from AAJA Hawaii to Asian American Journalists Association Hawaii Chapter to make all records match. Stan will email Kristen and Linda to fill out paperwork because Kristen and Linda are co-signed on the accounts.

New Business: Kristen talked about her experiences volunteering at the Ohana Festival. The Japanese Cultural Center’s Ohana Festival was Jan. 11. Kristen was assigned to the membership booth. At the membership booth, Kristen helped sell soda and bottled water, gave out prizes to passersby who spun a prize wheel and passed out event programs.

Wes suggested that the chapter find other Asian groups on Oahu or Asian-themed events that the chapter could volunteer for throughout the year.

National Representative’s Report: Wes plans to go to the Spring AAJA National meeting March 6 and 7. He will be staying at the Marriott in San Francisco. On the morning of the first day, the new board members will be receiving orientation. Because Wes is seasoned, he will not need to be there for the first day. He will be there Friday and Saturday, and will return Sunday. The national office would like the national representatives to stay at the Marriott in order to gain room credits for the future convention in August.

Wes would like to remind everyone to register or renew AAJA membership. Applying for Gold membership is one way to help give extra support.

Wes reminded everyone that this year’s convention is Aug. 12 through 15 at the San Francisco Marriott.

Adjournment: 11:40 a.m.


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