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JOB FLASH: Online/Associate Editor at Hawai’i Magazine

PacificBasin Communications, Hawaii’s largest locally-owned magazine publisher, is seeking an Online/Associate Editor to work on HAWAI`I Magazine, a bi-monthly national magazine targeting the west-bound U.S. traveler to Hawaii. Its assets are the print product, website, e-newsletter, Facebook account, Twitter account and other ancillary products.

The online/associate editor of HAWAII Magazine will report to the editor, and his/her primary responsibility will be to develop content for multiple platforms to appeal to an active group of Hawaii visitors. Success will be determined by the following factors:

* Ability to produce a magazine, maintain a website, social network presence and monthly e-newsletter

* Also important is the online/associate editor’s ability to work in concert with the publisher and editor to create content that will help build ad revenue; maintain a highly trafficked website for visitors seeking to enhance their Hawaii experience; build a social networking fan base; and produce a monthly e-newsletter.

* These initiatives and the online/associate editor’s performance will be measured in part by online revenue, online traffic statistics, reader surveys, focus groups, industry feedback and subscription renewals and newsstand sales.

Responsibilities include the following:

*Work collaboratively with the Editor and Art Director to help develop strategies that define the editorial future of the magazine, website, social networking platforms, events and ancillary products including mobile and smartphone applications.

*Work with the editor to articulate, plan and execute a multi-platform future for HAWAII Magazine, identifying current and prospective audience markets and products to serve the needs of those markets, identifying core travel content where HAWAII Magazine will lead the discussion.

* Work with the editor and others to continuously improve editorial content to maintain the highest degree of relevancy and interest to the readership. Develop relevant content to respond to existing and new reader segments as determined in concert with the publisher. Budget content and set the mix of editorial products to most efficiently meet reader needs.

* Develop content two issues out within the first six months in position, and continue to have content appropriate to HAWAIIMagazine’s editorial vision and strategic focus developed a minimum of two issues in advance going forward.

* Review all editorial content; edit copy, with the editor research and write at least 50% of all stories for each issue while meeting all deadlines and budgetary objectives.

* Monitor layouts, headlines and work with the art director to develop a consistent visual style for HAWAII Magazine.

* Be the lead for developing and writing original content for the website; conceiving and producing multimedia features, including audio, video and still images, either within our sites or for emerging technologies such as wireless, downloadable audio, video or audio-visual broadcasts. Work with the editor to help to develop and write the monthly e-newsletter.

* Communicate with and work effectively with the sales, creative and circulation departments to achieve the business goals of themagazine.

* Perform other related duties based on business needs


* Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or equivalent experience

* 2-3 years writing/editorial experience with solid, proven researching, reporting and writing skills

* Writing/editorial experience with Hawaii destinations and activities preferred

* Must have working knowledge or strong interest in learning and working with web software and programs including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Joomla, WordPress, Email Service Providers, and others.

To apply, please respond HAWAI`I Magazine editor Derek Paiva at derekp@hawaiimagazine.com with your resume by Friday, December 24, 2010 or by postal mail to HAWAI`I Magazine ATTN: HUMAN RESOURCES, 1000 Bishop Street Suite 405, Honolulu HI 96813.

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