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December Minutes

Meeting commenced at 11:15 a.m.

Attendance: Gene, Wes, Lauren, Joe, Christine, Christina plus guest, Carolyn, Travis, Margot, Shauna, Jason, Blaine, Kenny plus guest.

I. The Vice President’s Report was moved to the front of the agenda because Joe could not stay for lunch. Gene said he still had no answer whether the Star Advertiser employees would be able to enter AAJA Hawaii awards. Carolyn asked if we were opening the awards up worldwide. Joe said no. Christine asked about whether or not we should have an online category added to the awards. Brief discussion, not added to categories at present. Christine and Carolyn volunteered to head the AAJA Hawaii awards committee.

II. November minutes were approved. September minutes do not exist because there was no official meeting. October minutes are still MIA, Kristen will take a look.

III. President’s Report

a. Kristen reminded everyone to renew their membership with AAJA if they haven’t already.

b. What is the password to AAJA Facebook. Will get with Gene. Gene wants to acquire AAJAHI.org and said Blaine Fergustrom would be interested in helping us get a more official website going.

c. Kristen asked to post short bios for all new officers on Facebook. Suggestion noted.

d. Kristen suggested fundraising at Denny’s and passed around a flier.

e. Kristen proposed we make secretary in charge of elections every year. Board had concerns about board member managing elections without being biased. Christina said check with Chicago chapter because they were the ones who first notified me of the secretary being in charge.

f. Jan 21 – 22 Seminar at East West Center, Gene reminded everyone there were few spaces left as of that morning. Several members logged on right then and took several more spaces.

g. Kristen suggested all officers make a binder for all incoming officers detailing what you are supposed to do in your office. Wes suggested as in past years each outgoing officer meets incoming and gives them a personal brief about their job.

h. Kristen asked if we could get Stephen OFF the bank account. No one seems to have contact with him yet.

i. Kristen announced she was on the Special Awards Committee for convention.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a. Stan said in an email it was noted at the Treasurer’s Meeting over the summer at the National Convention that all chapters should keep an eye towards fundraising. Our chapter has spent money on many worthy things, whether it’s helping our members attend the National Convention every summer, providing scholarships, donating to the National Office, or purchasing snacks for the guest speakers at workshops we’ve held. We also haven’t brought in much money over the past several years, with the exception of our annual summer media basketball league. As we move into 2011, let’s keep in mind fundraising ideas that will support our chapter, allowing us to continue doing greater things. Stan also reported October and November minutes via email.

Shauna asked why the October and November numbers are the same. Kristen didn’t know and will ask Stan.

V. New Business

A. Margot suggested we find the AAJA Hawaii mission statement and reevaluate it and change it because we have a different environment with Hawaii having majority Asian journalists rather than being the minority like the mainland. Wes said he would have to check with national to make sure that’s allowed.

B. Margot suggested we have a discussion panel about what it means to be ethnic media in Hawaii. So this would include Hawaii Hispanic News, etc. in addition to Hawaii Herald, etc. This would be not only for attendees to acquire a greater understanding of the texture of this socio-cultural-political landscape, but also would be a way for aspiring journalists to see that they have more options than meets the eye for future job considerations. The panel could be just one element of the proposed ongoing AAJA Hawaii mentorship with student journalism programs. Christina suggested rather than a panel to have a mentorship program between reporters.

C. Christina asked if College night were still feasible. Lauren to email Kalamalama, Gene to talk to UH. Christina said a Saturday night in March may be best.

D. Kenny volunteered to work on a possible poker night tournament as a fundraiser.

E. Gene suggested we have Jake Shimabukuro perform at one of our events.

VI. National Rep’s report

A. Wes reported from his meeting that national is considering adding a National VP of Online. He has been asked to get feedback from the chapter. Some people are saying that’s redundant because print, broadcast and radio all have online stories as well. March 4-6 is the next governing board meeting. The next convention is in Detroit, Mich. Good venue, casino nearby, hotel room rate is about $X. From Aug. 10-13, Wes said we should be receiving a packet soon. Wes mentioned that the projection for convention attendance is a conservative 500 attendees. There is no keynote speaker yet. Wes said hopefully chapters will get a cut from the dues like they used to, but no confirmation yet.

VII. Next meeting – Jan. 29 at 9:30 Star Advertiser. Call Gene.

Adjournment 12:26 p.m.

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